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Class X - General Science

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HSLC Question Papers

class 10 maths question paper in assamese

HSLC Question Papers - General Mathematics

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HSLC Question Papers - Social Science

HSLC Question Papers - General Science

HSLC Question Papers - Assamese

Our Vision

Every child is special. But only a few of the students get the real support throughout their lives. On the other hand, majority of the students feel insecure, demotivated and less encouraged. The problems they face keep on increasing in flow of time. We, the people behind Medhasvini realise these. We understand the pain of these students. We are very sure that if someone encourages them and solve their problems, they can be as good as possible. At Medhasvini we are always there for them. Our vission is to ignite the true potential of a student to do the best in his/her respective field.

What makes Medhasvini unique ?

Interactive Live Classes

Talk with educators, ask your doubts, and get your concept cleared - all while the class is going on

Engaging Video Lessons

Dive into a media rich digital world of learning, where every concept is explained with 2D and 3D animated videos.

Practice and Revise

Attempt a wide range of tests, like Mock Tests, Weekly Tests, Pre Exam Test. Subject wise questions banks with varying difficulty levels.

Parents Teacher Interaction

A healthy relationship between a parent and a teacher enables the teacher to understand the student. We care for you and so we want you to help you do things.

Doubt clearing session

Ask your doubts and get your concept clear

Personalized learning

Personalized study materials & classes for all students.